Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about KetoVie formulas or are you simply looking for a source for answers to the most frequently asked questions about KetoVie?

These FAQs are intended to be general information for the reader. They are not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of professional medical care. Always consult your Dietitian for advice.

KetoVie is a great tasting supplement drink for the dietary management of a ketogenic diet. KetoVie is best served chilled and can be consumed directly from the carton using the straw attached, or it can be frozen for a few hours to make a tasty vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

KetoVie is for children, from 3 years of age, and adults that have been started on a ketogenic diet. KetoVie must be prescribed by your GP and monitored by a Ketogenic Dietitian.

Unopened KetoVie has a one year shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened store in the fridge and use within 24 hours.

Your Dietitian will write to your GP to request a prescription. You can then either request a home delivery through DialaChemist or your Pharmacy can place an order with Springmed Solutions.

The ketogenic diet is different for everyone. Your ketogenic Dietitian will advise you on how much and how often to take KetoVie.

KetoVie is best served chilled and is easy to use. Simply...

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Pierce the foil lid with straw and drink.

You can use KetoVie in recipes for meals, snacks and drinks. Click on the MY KETO CAFÉ RECIPES in the navigation menu or click here: MY KETO CAFÉ

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